About Your Shaadi Planner

With many years of unrivalled experience in the print media industry and an extremely successful product, which has already taken the wedding industry completely by storm, we now give you - Your Shaadi Planner

Many of you reading this will be aware of the industry leader Asian Wedding Directory, well we think it is time for a radical shake up of the wedding sector, another bespoke free publication available to the discerning Bride or Groom. 

In a time when you need to move at a pace designed for supercars, where barely a moment goes by when you are not clockwatching for some reason or other, we give you a product designed to enable you to calm down and make decisions that will not be rash or hasty. As supercars can cost millions of pounds and taking the current economic climate into consideration we introduce to you a free bespoke product. With over one hundred pages allowing you to sort out those all important budgets, make shortlists, add notes, read up on venues, hair and beauty, transport, caterers, florists, cakes, seating plans, speeches and everything else that you will need to make your big day an astounding success.